A major part of attending an event is to get to the city. If you can come to Gothenburg in a non flying way – please do. Here are some options for that:

SJ Speed train or regional train, MTR Speed train, Blå tåget, Swebus, Nettbuss
It will take 3-5 hours to get to Gothenburg and you’ll arrive in the middle of the city.

NSB Speed train, Nettbuss, Swebus
All options are around 3 hours and will take you to the straight to the the city centre.

SJ2000/3000 Speed train, Öresundståg, Nettbuss, Swebus
All options are 2,5-4 hours and will take you straight into the beautiful city.

Other parts of Europe:
Go by train to Copenhagen and then north to Gothenburg with the alternatives above.
Go by train to Kiel and take the boat Kiel-Gothenburg. Not as environmentally friendly as train, but still better than flying.

Air travel:
If you need to fly there are two airports. Gothenburg Landvetter and Gothenburg City. Landvetter has all the major airlines flying, and City has Ryanair, Wizzair and some other low fare airlines.

Public transport:
Gothenburg has a good system of trams and buses that frequent the whole city. In weekdays the trams stop going around 1:30. In weekends they run until 04:30 and then start at 5:30 so it’s 23 hours get around town.

If you want to take a taxi – make sure to check the sticker on the window for the price. It should be from 250 to 325. If anything above it would most likely being ripped off. We recommend Taxi Kurir, Taxi Göteborg and Minitaxi (and of course UBER)

Gothenburg is relatively new to UBER so it’s still easy to get a ride. Whenever you have an internet connection available you will therefor be able to get a Black UBER car to pick you up and take you to the party. A good start of the night! 😉

Göteborg by bike:
Göteborg is a great bicycle city and we have city bikes all over the city. For 25 sek(2,5 Euro) you can get a three day pass and ride as much as you want.