International DJ:s

Great DJ sets are essential for a great event! We value DJ music a lot and will have several DJs (local and international) playing each night of GBGLX.

These are the DJs coming in from out own town to provide you with tunes for dancing:
Meghan Gilmore – Based in Montreal. DJ and DJ Co-ordinator at Herräng Dance Camp.
Lars Aarøe – Based in Oslo. DJs a lot in the local scene as well as international events.
Nazlı Ilgın Barutçu – Based in Istanbul. DJ at Desert Stomp, Sofia Swing Festival and Orient Lindy Express.
Susanne Kennros – Based in Lund/Malmö. DJs often in the Malmö/Lund area. Guest DJ at Herräng dance camp.

These guys are not only awesome DJs but great dancers too! This means they don’t only know how to DJ for dancers but you’ll also see them on the dance floor a lot while off the decks.
A warm welcome to all of you!11807177_1477047015928007_2748331875810068853_o

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