Gothenburg is the second largest city of Sweden. Well known for the welcoming athmosphere and word jokes.

The official tourist site: More inofficial advice to come…

Streets to visit:

Andra Långgatan
Tredje långgatan
Haga nygata

Second hand shopping: There are a lot of good second hand shopping in Gothenburg. We will arrange a second hand tour during the exchange(Saturday morning) to take you to the best stores available.

Cafees, Bars & restauants:
This part will be updated with all the best cafes, bars and restaurants in GBG. There are a lot of places with a vintage feel to them, a lot of places serving great sea food, a lot of places serving great vegetarian food. Stay tuned!

Cafees – four good ones around the event

1. Hagabion – for the atmosphere

2. Da Matteo – for the coffee

3. Kafe Husaren – for the cinnamon buns

4. Guldhedstornets cafe – for the view

Bars for beer – four good ones

1. Ölstugan tullen – Now available in five different parts of the city. True to concept ONLY Swedish beer and cheap sturdy plates of traditional Swedish food.

2. Ölhallen 7:an – This place you go to for beer and beer only. It’s the only place in Gothenburg that is allowed to serve beer without selling food and the crowd is a proper mix that you rarely find in other places.

3. Queens or Kings head – There is a saying “The further up on second long street you get the cheaper the beer and the place gets”. The two royal heads are the furthest up the street and if you want nothing else than a cheap regular beer this is your place. If you prefer a 5 liter tower Sejdeln right next to them will provide.

4. Haket – If you have any kind of special preference when it comes to beer you’ll be able to satisfy this at Haket. You’ll find anything from any part of the world here – usually they spot around 300 different bottled beers. Bartenders have great knowledge and will help you find your perfect match!

Restaurants – four good ones

1. Dubbel Dubbel – for great dimsum – the most affordable one in town.

2. Cafe du Nord aka “meat ball basement” – for the meat balls. Cheap large plate of meat balls with mashed potatoes and lingon berry jam. A classic!

3. Dorsia – for the fancy place and delicious food. 20s style with wonderful tasting menus and fab looking staff.

4. Hotel Pigalle – for a great vibe, cocktails, fancy beer and great interiors.




Göteborg by bike

Göteborg is a great bicycle city and we have city bikes all over the city. For 25 sek(2,5 Euro) you can get a three day pass and ride as much as you want. Read more…