Gentlemen & Gangsters


A local band but widely known by Lindy Hoppers around the world. They play New Orleans hot jazz with a touch of swing. Focusing on authenticity in content and delivery, as well as a solid, driving rhythm, the group strive to play music that moves you and that stays true to the style of jazz giants. They perform all over Europe on a regular basis and dancers from all over the world have praised them for their energy, presence, and sensitivity to what matters to a dancing audience.



A local band that plays regularly in Gothenburg but not yet so much abroad. Rallarswing consists of a majority of dancers, and therefor they really know how to play music for dancers.

Cats& Dinosaurs

Saturday afternoon at 2Lång

The socialist-feminist swing collective Cats & Dinosaurs is the latest addition to the Gothenburg lindy scene, sweeping through the ballrooms of southern Sweden with their unique quirky style and radical lyrics. Their repertoire is a mix of original political swing songs in Swedish and those classics we all know and love. Always performed with a naive playfulness and bluesy roughness that honors the creativity and radicalism of the jazz pioneers. And being swing dancers themselves, they make sure to keep the music danceable.

Gentlemen & Gangsters live:

Rallarswing live:

DJ Team


Toronto, Canada

Based in Montreal. DJ and DJ Co-ordinator at Herräng Dance Camp.

Lars Aaroe

Oslo, Norway

DJs a lot in the local scene in Oslo as well as international events.





Based in Lund/Malmö. DJs often in the Malmö/Lund area. Guest DJ at Herräng dance camp.





Nazli Ilgın Barutçu

Istanbul, Turkey

Based in Istanbul. DJ at Desert Stomp, Sofia Swing Festival and Orient Lindy Express.