GBGLX consists of:
Gothenburg - The second largest city in Sweden and the hub of the west coast. GBG is placed within a 3 hour train ride from Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen/Malmö making it environmentally friendly to access from all the biggest cities in Scandinavia. Moreover it's a city where lindy hop has been danced for over 30 years and where there's now regular events for both Lindy hop, Balboa and Blues. With some of the greatest swing musicians in the world, a big community of dancers and great venues we believe Gothenburg to be the perfect place for an exchange!
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Lindy is short for Lindy hop and if you're on this website you most likely know what it is. A swing dance (the best one) danced to jazz music with lots of room for improvisation. Starting in the 30s in Harlem and after a period of being (almost) forgotten now taking over the world city by city.
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Exchange is a dance camp without the classes. No dealing with the frustration of not being able to stay until the party closes because class is starting 10am and you want to be fresh in body and mind. We're all in this for the social dancing and then add some shows, competitions, food and activities to it to create a weekend filled with dancing.
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Together these words form GBGLX - For many years Gothenburg has had a dance camp in spring time - Swingin' spring. There's also a Balboa camp in Spring time - Minor swing, and starting last year there's also a blues camp in spring time - The blues garden.
Since they are all camps with classes and they are all in the spring, we feel there's dire need for a big autumn Lindy hop weekend in Gothenburg. And here is GBGLX!

The Gothenburg Lindy Scene has been around for about 30 years and has got more than 600 active dancers. Most of them dancing in the society West Coast Jitterbugs and hanging out in the beautiful dance studio Forum where there is swing dancing and music playing going on every day.